MCC North London is a teaching church for those heading for ordained ministry in UFMCC, and we have had many clergy students and interns with us over the years – some of whom have gone on to become Pastors here themselves, while others have moved on to pastor in other churches, even other countries.

If you feel you may have a calling to ordained ministry, please speak to Senior Pastor Rev Peta, and they will let you know more about ordination in MCC and what is required in the discernment process.

The following is an exerpt from the UFMCC website:

Welcome to the process of becoming clergy in Metropolitan Community Churches! The following SEVEN steps outline the various requirements for ordination in MCC. (Note that there are some differences between the US and UK when it comes to education – for more information on how these requirements apply to the UK, please ask one of the Pastors)

Step One: MCC Membership
Becoming a part of the community and ministry of a local MCC prepares one for the unique calling to minister within this theologically diverse denomination known as the “Human Rights Church.”    A minimum of six months of membership at a local MCC is recommended before an endorsement is made to attend the Readiness for Vocational Ministry Retreat (REVM).

Step Two: Attend a REVM Retreat
The  REVM (Readiness for Entering Vocational Ministry) retreat is the first step for entry into professional ministry with MCC. This three-day retreat, offered by the Office of Formation and Leadership Development bi-annually, provides students time to reflect, connect and engage in the process to become clergy.


Step Three: Master of Divinity
A Master of Divinity is required from an accredited school of theology.

  • Schools should be accredited by an agency that is part of The World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (
  • In the U.S. and Canada that agency is the Association of Theological Schools in the U.S. and Canada (ATS).
  • The MDiv may be in process during the entirety of your other MCC-required activities.

Step Four: The Internship
The internship is a time of practice in the components of ministry and is guided by a Learning Covenant created by the Supervising Clergy and the Intern. The internship will occur at least one year prior to ordination.

  • The purpose of the internship is to develop the characteristics of professional spiritual leaders in MCC.
  • During the internship, your supervisor will work with you to develop and implement your skills in practice of pastoral ministry and help you in your process of theological and personal reflection on the practice of ministry.
  • The year of internship at a local MCC may run concurrent with a seminary’s Field Education requirement for the MDiv.

Step Five: Clinical Pastoral Education
One unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is required for ordination. Locations for CPE may be found through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education ( and may run concurrent with a student’s MDiv program.

Step Six: Complete Core MCC Courses
Three courses in addition to your MDiv are required for ordination in MCC. These courses may be offered in your seminary, or through online education opportunities with MCC. Required classes are:

  • MCC Polity(may be included as part of MDiv studies)
    • Approx. $150 – online with MCC
  • Sexuality (may be included as part of MDiv studies)
    • Approx. $150 – online with MCC
  • LGBTQI History (may be included as part of MDiv studies)
    • Approx. $150 – online with MCC

Step Seven:  Apply for an ordination interview.
Upon completion of steps one through six above, download the ordination interview application, complete it and send it, with supporting documents,  to the Office of Formation and Leadership Development.