The first MCC in Europe was started by Rev Elder Jean White in London in 1972.  The need for MCC in England was great and the church grew rapidly.  As soon as people were trained to become pastors within the denomination so new churches were planted. MCC North London came into existence in 1987 under the pastoral care of Rev Elder Hong Tan.  MCCNL has held worship services in a number of different churches in the north London area over the years. Often we had to leave because of a change in pastor in the host church bringing a different view towards acceptance of lgbt people.  We worshipped in Trinity URC, Camden from 1996 to 2023, where we received a warm welcome and our congregations supported each other, but when Trinity URC sadly had to close, we moved to Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church who have been welcoming partners in the work of bringing a truly inclusive gospel.

As a teaching church, many MCC ministers both lay and ordained have been raised up at MCC North London, both those who have remained or returned, and those who have spread out across the globe.