Welcome to Metropolitan Community Church of North London (MCCNL).  We hope that you find a blessed spiritual experience here as well as a friendly and loving community of faith in this local church.


Each local Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) is a member of a worldwide denomination called the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC). Please pick up the leaflet ‘History of UFMCC’ to learn more about the denomination.

People have remarked that UFMCC is an “ecumenical church,” by which they mean that UFMCC draws people from many different religious backgrounds.  Indeed, the MCCNL congregation is characterised by a wide diversity of religious backgrounds among its members.  Yet people at MCCNL are united by the very basic UFMCC Statement of Faith.  (See leaflet “What do we believe”).

Quite simply, MCCNL, like all MCC’s around the world, is a Christian Church with a special ministry of inclusion for minorities, especially lgbt (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) people, who have been historically excluded from the life and ministry of other Christian Churches.

Our ministry attempts to reach out to racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, those in prison, young people, the ageing, the poor, those who are ill, and many others who are perceived to be “different” from the majority.  We are a church for all people, welcoming all, excluding none – just as Jesus Christ did.



Our History

The first MCC in Europe was started by Rev Elder Jean White in London in 1972.  The need for MCC in England was great and the church grew rapidly.  As soon as people were trained to become pastors within the denomination so new churches were planted. MCC North London came into existence in 1987 under the pastoral care of Rev Elder Hong Tan.  MCCNL has held worship services in a number of different churches in the north London area over the years. Often we had to leave because of a change in pastor in the host church bringing a different view towards acceptance of lgbt people.  We moved to our current home in Trinity URC, Camden in 1996 where we continue to receive a warm welcome and our congregations support each other.


Our Mission

The mission of MCC North London is to be a welcoming and worshipping community, discovering God and following the way of Christ together.

Our Vision

The vision of MCC North London is to express faith inwardly, outwardly and upwardly through grace, inclusion and compassion.

We will achieve this by:

Inwardly – providing opportunities for all people to deepen and grow their faith by supporting them on their individual journey.

Outwardly – taking God’s love into the world around us in word and deed, fulfilling the Great Commission and Christ’s call to social action.

Upwardly – coming together as a community of faith to worship and adore our God.



How we work

MCCNL is a registered charity in the UK and consequently we must abide by charity law.  This means we have a constitution which lays out how the church will be managed and governed.

The government of MCCNL is vested in the congregational meeting and between congregational meetings in our board of directors.  Those who are members in good standing elect a board of directors from members of the church and also lay delegates who represent the church at Network and Denominational level conferences.  (To find out how to become a member please read the leaflet ‘What does it mean to be a member of MCCNL?’)

MCCNL is part of a Network.  Networks are administered by an Elder.  The Elder provides spiritual direction, guidance, and links with the denomination as well as coordinates and administers the work of the Network.  The Network is made up of five people from our churches in Western Europe, both lay and ordained.

There is a Denominational conference every three years where the Elders are elected and decisions made about the running of the denomination.  On the other years there is a Network gathering where people from all the MCC’s in Western Europe come together to share fellowship and ideas and meet with our Elder.

Our Doctrine

In keeping with the denomination MCCNL embraces two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion.  Communion is offered every week in our regular Sunday Praise and Worship service.  So that all people can partake we offer unfermented fruit of the vine instead of wine.  All are welcome to receive communion in MCCNL and typically, individuals, couples or even groups of friends and family receive communion together.  People can also come for a brief prayer of blessing regardless of whether they received communion or not.

We also recognise six Rites of the Church:  Ordination, Attaining Membership in the Church, Holy Union and Holy Matrimony, Funeral or Memorial Service, Laying On of Hands or prayer for the healing of the sick in mind, body, or spirit, and the Rite of Blessing of things and relationships.

We also believe wholeheartedly in the ‘priesthood of all believers’ and consequently all people are not only invited but actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of our worship and church life.  You do not have to be a member to participate in the service or any of our ministries.  Part of the membership process involves discerning a persons spiritual gifts and how they can be used within the ministries of the church, however, please speak to a member of the clergy team if you would like to get more involved or discover your particular gifts.

Our Worship

Although our worship style is predominantly praise and worship it could also be considered quite eclectic.  As already mentioned, we have people in our congregation from many different denominational backgrounds and consequently many different styles and preferences for worship.  Some people like lots of liturgy and the pomp and circumstance of the ‘bells and smells’.  Others prefer to be free to be led by the Holy Spirit.  Some people like to sit quietly whilst others prefer to stand and raise their hands to heaven.  We try to offer opportunities within our service for everyone to find that special place where they can meet God.

You will also notice that in MCCNL and in MCC’s worldwide, we use ‘Inclusive Language’ this is because we believe wholeheartedly that the love of God is for all people and that none should feel excluded by our language. (See leaflet “Why Inclusive Language”).  We are still learning and unfortunately this means we don’t always get it right.  It also means that sometimes we use language that may not be familiar to some people but we ask everyone to come on this journey of discovery with us as we continue to learn what it means to truly be a church that welcomes all people.

Small Group Programme

As well as our regular Sunday evening service we also offer other opportunities for fellowship and learning through our small group programme.  MCCNL is not a parish church and many of our congregation travel long distances to attend our worship.  Consequently we have small groups that meet mid week in people’s homes around London providing the opportunity to get to know those people who live closer to you and build a sense of community.  Please speak to a Deacon or member of the clergy team for more details of a group near you.

We hope that you will find a welcoming, loving community of faith in MCC North London.


Welcome home

If you would like someone to contact you please send an email to mccchurchnl@gmail.com or phone 0844 335 0507 and leave a message with your contact details.