Church Leaders

In this section you will find short biographies and photos of the leaders in the church.


Senior Pastor – Rev Sharon Ferguson MA

Rev. Sharon (Shanon) Ferguson has been a member of MCC North London since 2004. Shanon has held a number of roles in the church including Assistant Pastor and Interim Pastor before becoming the Senior Pastor in April 2010. Shanon has a degree in Psychology as well as in Theology for the Ministry and also a Masters in the Psychology of Religion. Their research has involved issues in reconciling spirituality and sexuality and also different levels of discrimination and prejudice within denominations. Shanon is passionate about social justice and campaigns avidly against homophobia and transphobia, especially within faith organisations. Shanon is currently working toward their PhD.



Assistant Pastor – Rev Peta Evans

Rev Peta has been a member of MCC since 2003, arrived at MCC North London in Lent 2010. Over time, they have been a member of the Board of Directors, a Deacon, a clergy intern, and having been ordained in September 2016, is now serving as Assistant Pastor. Peta comes from the Methodist and Celtic traditions of worship, and loves to create poetry and imagery in worship, as well as having a passion for social and environmental justice.



We currently have four Lay Deacons who support the clergy team with pastoral care, worship and communication:

Senior Deacon – Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson has been a member of UFMCC for over 15 years, starting out at MCC South London and transferring to MCC North London in 2002. Jen has held many different roles and ministries in the Church including worship leader, member of the Board of Trustees, celebrant, preacher, and more recently the Cold Weather Shelter Coordinator. Jen was brought up a Catholic where she learnt the importance of community and giving. Jen has a passion for music and genuinely believes that ‘when you sing you pray twice’. Jen can also often be found in the kitchen satisfying her other passion for ministry, feeding people, where she puts her vast catering skills into practice.

Ian Peaple

Ian Peaple started his Christian life as a junior member of the Bitterne Park Congregational Church in his home town of Southampton. After joining the Army as a musician aged 15, he served many years as organist in the garrison churches of the towns in which he was posted. In 1993, he became a Member of the Kirk of the Black Watch in Hong Kong and a year later, was elected an Elder of the Church of Scotland. He started attending MCC North London in 1997 and became a Member in 2009. Ian has 3 grown up children from his former marriage and lives in Reading.


Kate Woodrow-Cheong
is currently on a break due to study commitments

Debs Davies


Lay Delegates

Tim Fellows

Tim Fellows has been a member of MCC North London since 1988 and has served as Lay Delegate and member of the Board of Directors for the last 18 years, during that time he has held the positions of Deacon, Vice Chair of the Board, the Pastor’s Line Manager, and many other roles.

He was born in London and brought up in an Assemblies of God church in his home town of Enfield.

Christine Erumbi –Now that we have more than 100 members, we are entitled to a second Lay Delegate. Christine Erumbi fills this role with commitment and energy, especially in welcoming people and helping them find their way in all the confusion of a Sunday evening.

Board of Directors

Vice Chair and Senior Pastor’s Line Manager- PJ Samuels

Treasurer – Richard Gore

Richard has been a Christian since 1976. When he came out in 1994 he looked for a church that would accept him unconditionally as an openly gay man. MCC North London became that church and has been his spiritual home for more than 15 years. He has been treasurer since 1995 and is also actively involved in worship.

Alex Matovu – Alex has found in MCC a welcoming home which shares his faith and beliefs. He joined the Board so that he could better represent and put forward the views of his brothers and sisters who have fled anti-
LGBT persecution in Africa.

Christine Erumbi  – Christine has now taken on the responsibity of being on the Board as well as her Lay Delegate duties (see above)

Robert Asako –