MCCNL is a registered charity in the UK and we have a constitution under charity law which lays out how the church will be managed and governed.

MCCNL is a congregational church, meaning that authority lies in the Congregational meeting – all the current members in good standing, who elect the Board of Directors and the Lay Delegate, and also vote on important matters such as approving the call of a new Pastor, the budget and accounts for the year, or any changes to the constitution, and so on.

On a day-to-day basis, the Board run the practical and financial business of the church, while the Pastor is responsible for its spiritual and pastoral leadership. The Pastor directs and appoints Deacons, team leaders and any staff clergy. If you wish to know more please ask any member of the leadership team. 

We also believe wholeheartedly in the ‘priesthood of all believers’ and so all people are not only invited but actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of our worship and church life. You do not have to be a member to participate in the service or any of our ministries. Part of the membership process involves discerning a person’s spiritual gifts and how they can be used within the ministries of the church, however, you can always speak to a member of the clergy team if you would like to get more involved or discover your particular gifts. (See ‘What it means to be a member‘)

We hope that you will find a welcoming, loving community of faith in MCC North London.