Welcome to Metropolitan Community Church of North London (MCCNL).  We hope that you find a blessed spiritual experience here as well as a friendly and loving community of faith.  


Quite simply, MCCNL, like all MCC’s around the world, is a Christian Church with a special ministry of inclusion for minorities, especially LGBTQI people, who have been historically excluded from the life and ministry of Christian churches. 

We attempt to reach out to who are perceived to be “different” from the majority and have therefore not been fully included and celebrated in many churches – racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, those who are HIV+, the ageing, the poor, those who are ill, and so on.  We are a church for all people, welcoming all, excluding none – just as Jesus Christ did.

MCC North London began in 1981 under the pastoral care of Rev Elder Hong Tan. We moved to our current home in Trinity URC, Camden in 1998 where we continue to receive a warm welcome and our congregations support each other. (See History of MCCNL).

Each local MCC is a member of a worldwide denomination called the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC). See ‘UFMCC’ 

People have remarked that UFMCC is an “ecumenical church,” meaning that we draw people from many different religious backgrounds.  Indeed, MCCNL members have wide diversity of religious backgrounds, yet we are united by the simple UFMCC Statement of Faith.  (See “What we Believe”). 

Upcoming Events: 20th April

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Pastor’s Message

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