Seeking Asylum

LGBT African Asylum Seeker Research Project Report

Between 2017 and 2019 MCC North London commissioned a research project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, looking at the issues facing LGBT African asylum seekers.  The findings of that report cover many different types of issues faced by asylum seekers such as those who attend MCC North London, including issues related to faith, racism, financial and housing difficulties, emotional and psychological difficulties, and many aspects of the asylum application process itself.  The research and report were also supported by the Enfield LGBT Network and the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group. Please click the link above if you would like to download a copy of the report.

UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group

If you are an asylum seeker to the UK and you would like more information about the asylum application process and the support that is available to you, please visit the UKLGIG website by clicking above.