Clobber Passages Teaching Sessions

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Most of us have experienced some parts of the Bible being used to argue that LGBT people are not enfolded in the love and grace of God as we are. At MCC we know that this is not true, and we have the biblical understanding to back that up. If you have ever been ‘clobbered’ with these passages of the Bible and been unsure what they really mean for us, or wished you knew how to answer these accusations, our Clobber Passages learning sessions in July are for you!

We will look at these bits of Scripture, and see how the true message of God’s all-inclusive love is truly there, and that honest biblical study lies behind our assurance.

Four sessions, held on each Sunday in July at 4:30 at the church.

If you can’t make it to the church building, don’t despair – we will cover the same material online a little later in the summer.