Upcoming Events: 20th April

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Greetings all,

I pray that God is blessing you with good health and with a safe home. I know that these things are not in as good supply as they were previously, but I also know that for some us, these things were always hard to find! What I do know, is that the Love and Strength of God, and in Christ, is in as plentiful supply as ever!

I find myself leaning pretty heavily on the strength of God these days, but God has never let me down before, and I know God won’t let me down now.

We’re starting to settle into some kind of structure now, that works, but I’m putting out a survey so we can hear from you about what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Our attempts to livestream from Zoom onto Facebook have not gone well, so for the time being we are recording the service and then posting it up onto Facebook when it’s ready. Unfortunately, this takes rather a long time, especially the uploading time – most of us don’t have broadband – so we’ve decided that Monday evening at 7pm is the time for our Worship Service Watch Party. Please join if you haven’t been able to login on Zoom, or even if you have, and would just like to do church twice!

We are starting online Small Groups for prayer and Bible study. Please message us if you would like to join. At the moment we will have one group on a Wednesday evening at 7pm, but if enough people join, or if more people need a different day, we will look at doing more groups. We will be looking at the beautiful book by Richard Rohr: ‘The Universal Christ’, as our discussion starter. The book is available as a Kindle download for those who are able and want a copy of their own, but don’t worry, if you can’t (it’s quite pricey), it won’t matter.

And last but by no means least, we are also doing online Membership Classes. If you want to join these, please send me an email to: mccchurchnl@gmail.com, with your name, email address, and the date you started coming to MCC North London, and I can sign you up for the classes.

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