The use of power point in our worship services is a very important aspect of our worship.  It is part of our commitment to be inclusive and allows us all to have our hands unencumbered by hymn books and service sheets so we can use them to worship God through sign language or other expressions.

There are two aspects to the power point ministry – the creation of the slides (which is done in advance of the service) and the operating of  the slide show during worship.

The person operating power point has to attend the choir rehearsal on the Sunday afternoon and help with setting up the computer etc. at 4.00pm.  They are also responsible for putting the computer and projectors away at the end of the service. The only computer knowledge that is needed is how to edit slides as sometimes the Worship Leader may decide at the rehearsal to sing an extra chorus or do the songs in a different order.  We are happy to provide simple training for anyone willing to participate in this ministry.

For more information please email  or phone 0844 335 0507 and leave your contact details.