Worship is at 6pm every Sunday, and is hybrid in-person and on Zoom. That means you can fully take part whether online or in the building. It is also streamed to our facebook group.

Our worship style is predominantly praise and worship but contains quite a range of styles of worship. As already mentioned, we have people in our congregation from many different church backgrounds and therefore many different experiences of worship.  Some people like lots of liturgy.  Others prefer to be spontaneously led by the Holy Spirit. Some like to sit quietly whilst others prefer to stand and raise their hands to heaven. We try to offer opportunities within our service for everyone to find that special place where they can meet God. 

Communion is offered every week in our regular Sunday Worship service.  All are welcome to receive communion in MCCNL whether a member or visitor. People can also come for a brief prayer of blessing at this time whether they receive the bread and cup or not. So that all people can join in we offer unfermented fruit of the vine instead of wine.

You will also notice that in MCCNL and in MCC’s worldwide, we use ‘Inclusive Language’ this is because we believe wholeheartedly that the love of God is for all people and that none should feel excluded by our language. (See “Why Inclusive Language”). We are still learning and unfortunately this means we don’t always get it right. It also means that sometimes we use language that may not be familiar to some people but we ask everyone to come on this journey of discovery with us as we continue to learn what it means to truly be a church that welcomes all people.