We invite all people who have a love of music and a desire to serve God in music and song to join our choir.

Because we recognise that many of our congregation travel long distances to worship with us we have weekly choir practices at 5.00pm on Sundays where we concentrate on the songs for that evenings worship service.

We currently ask those people in the choir each week to arrive at 4.00pm to help with the setting up of the worship space and to allow time for prayer before rehearsal.

We also have choir practices approximately every 6 weeks on a Saturday at the senoir pastor’s home where we have the opportunity to enjoy lunch together and learn new songs.  Members of the choir are asked to bring along songs that they have heard or know from before to introduce to us so that we are constantly increasing our repertoire.

Each week the choir is led by the Worship Leader who chooses the songs based on the readings and sermon theme. These are distributed to the choir by email by the middle of the week and we ask people to inform the worship leader if they are available to sing/play that week.

We currently have four pianists, a violinist, two guitarists and a number of drummers amongst our musicians and we would very much like to continue to expand upon this.

If you would like to find out more about the choir whether to sing or play an instrument then please speak to a Worship Leader at Church or contact mccchurchnl@gmail.com or telephone 0844 335 0507 and leave your contact details.