We are now livestreaming from the church building

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We may not be open for worship as usual yet, but we’ve made the first steps. Our team of volunteers came in and scrubbed away over a year’s accumulation of grime and dust, the building finally has working WiFi, and now the worship team are going in to try and set up for ‘hybrid worship’ – that means some people will be in the building and some will be taking part in Zoom.

So many have joined us during lockdown, who may never, or seldom, be able to join us in Camden, but we intend to stay online even when many of us have returned to the building, streaming from the church, and holding space for conversation and prayer in Zoom, and even allowing for readers, preachers etc to contribute via Zoom, projected onto the screen for those in the room. Inclusivity and accesibility are essential.

As we open up for more people to attend in person, we will post up here.

We’re also grateful for the very much needed skills of anyone who knows how to hold a camera, press the buttons on the powerpoint, turn the microphones up and down, and similar important tasks! Let one of the leadership know if you’re willing to volunteer.