1. Any person seeking a letter of support must be known to have have attended online Sunday worship on a regular basis (minimum of 75%) for a minimum of six months, by whatever means is possible for them (been seen on Zoom, participated in Facebook live comments during service etc).

2. They must fully participate in the life of the church as it is currently possible, for example; attending midweek Zoom Bible study, WhatsApp prayer or support groups, etc

3. They must contribute to the ministry of the church as it is currently possible – readings on Zoom, prayers, music, PowerPoint creation and operation, prayer support networks, etc.

4. They must engage in active conversation with a member of the pastoral team by Zoom, skype, phone etc on a regular basis.

5. They must share with a member of the pastoral team (clergy, clergy students, deacons) their full history.

6. Only members of the pastoral team and the lay delegate can write an official letter of support from the church on headed paper.

7. Following submission of a letter of support, attendance and participation will continue to be monitored and notification will be provided to the relevant solicitor and/or Home Office if the individual’s level of engagement with the church and community noticeably wane without specific cause (e.g. held in detention centre).

8. The same process as described in 7. will be applied for a further year after Asylum has been granted.